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6th District Anti-Crime Walk in the Milan neighborhood

The Sixth District will conduct an anti-crime walk in the Milan neighborhood, which is a new addition to the Sixth District that was aquired when we restructured our district boundries. The walk will be this Thursday, 1/26/12, at 5:00pm. Members of our new community are encouraged to come meet and walk with the officers who are now working in your neighborhood.

The route for the walk is as follows:

Start: Stern Tennis Center at S. Saratoga and Marengo. We will walk up Marengo to South Liberty. From S. Liberty we will walk to Delachaise. Downward on Delachaise back to S. Saratoga. We will take S. Saratoga to Annette, Annette to Dryades, Dryades to Penniston, Penniston back to S. Saratoga where we will conclude at our original starting point at the Stern Tennis Center.

Matt Patin / 6th District Staff

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Join the Mystic Krewe of Loup Garou!

The krewe is a fundraiser for the ICNA. The walking parade will take place on Sat., January 9th through the neighborhood! Individual memberships are $50 and include entrance to the after party at NOLA Brewery.
Group packages available!