The meeting was convened at 7:07 p.m., Thursday, June 13, 2013, at the Irish Channel Christian Fellowship in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kyle NORDC Community Advisory Team:
Our Team: Annunciation, Lyons, Burke, Wisner Playground

Do recommendations for programming

Need more people

deadline to sign up: July 15

Training later July

Has application to share

Mark Redding: clarification on what the geographic parameters (wants to make Soraparu a partner)

Ed: Participated in early CAT Team meetings. Thinks they have the possibility of being quite successful. One team by the river, one team for CC/Hoffman, one team in Gert Town area. Take all the parks in the team/area and try to coordinate the participation in the sports teams. Do we have the opportunity to get funding from NORD to support these programs? (personal editorial)

Age limit: anyone older than 8

Lindsey Tubbs, runs the Lyons Burke Booster Club

Report– Lyons Center construction complete 9.4M construction. Roof- fancy 130 mph wind withstanding. Chevron- state of the art dance floor-NOBA running program, Grand opening for that tomorrow night. Pool open, refer to the handouts for pool info, hours, and programming. Will be enforcing leash laws at the Lyons fields. Computer labs haven’t been hooked up.

Booster Club– get to run the concession stand at Lyons Center, will need volunteers. Baseball season underway, no games at Lyons or Burke. Needs donations and fundraising ideas with ideas. Coach Ed = soccer and track/field.

Ed- little change in soccer implementation with NORD. YLC partnered with NORD to do a soccer program. More successful this year than last year. Multi-year agreement. Struggled with NORD for scheduling. Has a difficult time keeping a schedule more than 36 hours in advance. Pickup games – 20-40 ppl on weekends. (when baseball hit, lost the boys) would have gotten more participation if scheduling is more solid. Soccer and track run concurrently. Fun to coach. 78 points. 3 city champions. Try to have a unified track team by the river.

Booster club, a little less than $1K in the account. Need sponsorships. Story about a kid, participated in track in jeans straight from school. Soccer will be on M-W, and Track will be on T-Th, March, April, May. Will be looking for soccer coordinator for next year.

Budget- Ed

People need to be paying their membership dues.

Have $2400 in our account. Net worth of $2,760.54.

Collected $695.89

Books are always open, anyone can request to look at bank statements and checkbooks

Burke Park lights

Lower lights- 37 of 38 lights are functional. They accomplished everything. $20K appropriations from the state – Karen Carter.

NORD are going to take the roll up door for the bathroom and will install more accessible doors

Cultural Overlay District

Harvey called the NA chair in Treme who oversaw the process of the district overlay.

ICNA would be the applicant for this district. As the applicant, we are the ones to do the legwork.

Allan- are we talking only about corner lots? Turnbull

This applies only to the residentially zoned area, if the neighborhood agrees that there is appropriate

Trey- how are we going to structure this survey? Need clarification on what the property is.

Mailer- $800-900 (per Ed) most effective

What would the advantage be to have a cultural overlay district?

Ed- the intent would be that businesses would be open during the day, that would not necessarily impact the lives of the residents? Marigny- Cake Cafe

Owner claims it has been a positive, and have worked with the neighborhood.

Ed- We need more information. Will speak to Treme.

Boundary to be revised- Annunciation-Tchoup?

What will be going in these properties?

Overlay district, we would decide what is compatible? What would be profitable? Market analysis?

Ed- propose that the Land Use Committee hash it out. Is it worth this effort? Draft a survey, and have it discussed at a future meeting.

Karen: what would the types be? Land Use Committee had whittled the list down- the survey should include everything that is possible.  Alcohol is not permitted, anything after 2K sf not permitted, need to be open only from 7 am-8 pm.

Question: Do you think this is necessary?

Pro/Con on website?

Karen: renters as well as owners should be consulted.

Office of N’hood Engagement can assist.

Crime Camera Grant we will receive high priority in the next round. we are moving forward.

Adjourned, 8:05 pm

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