June 20, 2013

Commander Bardy began the meeting by discussing the arrests made the last three Fridays concerning gang-related activity. He reported that there has been a long period of working up to these arrests, that they took a systematic approach and feel proud of what they have accomplished. He described the Hoffman Triangle as “getting cleaned up.”

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Next, Commander Bardy presented his power point on the current trends and statistics. In the month of May in the 6th district, there were 2 homicides, 1 rape, 1 aggravated burglary, 4 business burglaries, 7 residence burglaries, 7 auto burglaries, 6 armed robberies, and 1 simple robbery. There were 25 auto thefts, and no purse snatchings.

Commander Bardy reminded the group that Quality of Life Officer Joseph Joia? and CoCo Sergeant Yolanda Jenkins have 4 officers patrolling Magazine Street 24/7. With two on and two off, there should be two officers on the street at any given time.

Year to date data reflects a 59% drop in armed robberies, down from 49 to 20 this year. Bardy explained that this is a good measure of the aggression in a community because the parties generally don’t know one another. Simple robberies are down 77.8%, aggravated assaults are down 37%, and auto burglaries are down 24%. Violent offenses are down 40% this year.

There is a city-wide increase in theft, which Bardy attributes to increased reporting rather than increases in the crime itself.

Bardy stressed that citizens should continue to report any suspicious behavior, using Crimestoppers, the district’s direct line, or hot sheets. Any and all information will be appreciated. Seeing heavy traffic at a house or people stopping and exchanging money are examples of activity that can be reported as potentially drug-related. Such reports will be investigated further.

Although there was an increase in arrests this week, there were only 3 persons crimes. These included a gun arrest on the corner of Claiborne and MLK blvd; a murder on Prytania next to Zara’s Supermarket; and a domestic violence arrest.

Commander Bardy went through the DDACTS (Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Stops) – to show how the Sixth District (and others) are evaluating criminal trends, and showing pockets of high activity. He referred to these pockets as “heat signatures” and described being able to concentrate manpower in these areas to have the highest impact.

Finally, Commander Bardy asked representatives from the Police Citizen Advisory Board to speak. They discussed efforts to bridge the gap between citizens and police. These boards were created as part of the consent decree to oversee transformation of our police department in 2012. Bardy suggested moving the monthly NONPACC meeting to our district police station in an effort to share information from the PCAB with a broader population. He asked those in attendance to consider this idea and tabled it for further discussion at the next meeting.

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Bardy maintains that citizens should feel certain their officers are there to help them, and urges people to file complaints if they have problems with any officer. Bardy ended the meeting with a statement he reports using often—“These are not MY officers, they are YOUR officers.”

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