June 12, 2014 ICNA Meeting Minutes
7pm – 8:15pm


Volunteer Event at Burke Park/Clay Square June 21:

On Saturday, June 21st there will be Volunteer event at Burke Park with Morgan Stanley and NORDC from 9am-12pm.

Details are still being finalized but the following work is anticipated.

· Brighten rainbow colored steps with a fresh coat of paint

· Repaint ground games that have begun to fade near the playground

· Repair post boards that have been vandalized

· Remove graffiti from the playground

· Touch up the paint on the buildings that have begun to peel

· Sweep away gravel and rocks that have accumulated on the playground

The board voted (7-0) to allocate up to 50$ to furnish beverages to the volunteers. Please come out to assist or say hello to the volunteers.

Crime Camera Grants:
The ICNA is forming a committee to draft a grant proposal to Cm. Cantrell’s office for the installation of Crime Cameras in the neighborhood.
Volunteers are needed to serve on the committee. Trey Nobles and John Howard volunteered to serve.
We will announce the volunteers on the committee Announce Cmte at July 10 meeting

Residential Parking Permit Zones:
· Residents of 3300 Block of Constance street spoke about parking issues

· The parking issues are due to people visiting the establishments on Magazine streets.

· Magazine Street Business employees have been parking in the neighborhood as well taking up a lot of parking throughout the day.

· They are requesting the ICNA assistance in studying this issue and developing a plan.

· Additional details about established residential parking zones will be discussed at the next meeting.

Results of Dat Dog Variance:
· Dat Dog was denied for their variances by the CPC and they are appealing to the city council.

· Bryon from Cm Cantrell’s office will check if there is a good neighbor agreement in place.

· More details about the requested variance will be forwarded to the board.

Dissemination of information:
· A request is made to all committee chairpersons to annouce all meetings via email/facebook/webiste at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Other Topics:
· There was 2 arrests in clay park by plain clothes officers in the last month. Please report any illegial activity to 911.

· Thursday June 26th Police Community Advisory Board meeting Bethelem Lutheran Church on Washington Ave. 6-8pm The community is invited.

· Bryon Cornelison, Director of Constituent Services for Cm. Latoya Cantrell

· Clarence Williams, Director of Communications for Cm. At-Large Jason Williams

Suggested Agenda for next month:
· Announce members of the crime camera committee

· Update on resident pareking permit

· Update on Dat Dog Variance – Land Use Cmte

· Review Committee Lists – Trey

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