ICNA Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2014

Enroll members of the Crime Camera Committee
Harrah’s grant deadline is in September, other deadline has passed.
CCTV Wholesalers – www.cctvwholesalers.com – grant accepted vendor
Entire outfit is $299 – an $800 value as CCTV received a grant as well
Cameras will link to Project NOLA
Grant can be applied through District B or the two At-Large councilmembers
Committee: Trey Nobles, John Howard, Anthony Fontenot – still accepting members

Update on resident parking permit
Lauren Anderson & Ed McGinnis with parking concerns near Mag St. Corridor
Complaints Mag St. establishment employees & patrons taking residential parking
CM Cantrell would like a comprehensive traffic study done in the area

Update on Dat Dog Variance – Land Use Committee
Ongoing efforts to get Dat Dog to comply with GNA
ICNA Stance: Advise CM Cantrell’s office that the ICNA expects Dat Dog’s full compliance with the GNA to which it agreed and that the ICNA opposes Dat Dog’s current efforts to obtain a variance

Update re community garden
The ICNA cannot be a party to the lease with HANO due to its requirement that ICNA obtain a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Nevertheless, Ryan McCabe is engaged in ongoing discussions with Parkway Partners for it to lease the property the community garden.

Brief mention of 910 3rd Street – construction of two single-family homes on two lots where there are currently metal storage structures. With Land Use now. Will address at next meeting.

Unanimous approval of Trey Bornmann’s request for reimbursement of $15 spent on renewing the domain name, irishchannel.org.

Review Committee Lists
· Land Use: The Land Use committee covers blighted housing, zoning issues, and opportunities like the State Cultural district and Overlay district.
· Grants: Email and discussion group for Grant related stuff dealing with the Irish Channel.
· Greening: This committee is planting trees in the Winter/Spring months throughout the neighborhood along curbs, on neutral grounds, and on school playgrounds.
· Membership and Outreach: The Membership and Outreach Committee seeks to encourage residents, new and existing, to participate in the activities of the ICNA and become dues-paying members.
· Crime: The Crime Committee works with residents to monitor crime in Channel. They can be contacted if you have a concern that does not require immediate police action.
· Youth Outreach: Our Youth Outreach committee continues to work with the LBB and members of neighboring communities to pressure the city into rebuilding Lyons Center.

New Business
· Brick & Spoon – GDA, ICNA, building owner, franchisee, and operator in talks to sign GNA with LaToya
· CVS is looking at old Blockbuster location, no permanent plans at this point

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