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Meeting Minutes 11/12/2015




  • Kevin White – Safe Cam NOLA
    • Official camera registry of NOPD
    • FREE to register your cameras
    • Need 6th district participation



  • Crime & Prevention
  • Land Use:
    • Turnbull – getting final HDLC final approvals and hope to start construction of first three homes in November
    • Mayo – – CPC issued recommendation waiting for finals to be adopted. City Council has deferred action.
    • 1013 6th Street – questions arose about property owner’s intent to live in the property as indicated in application. No recommendation from CPC staff. ICNA writing letter opposing the project.
  • Programs:
    • Mystic Krewe of Loup Garou – Seeking business sponsorship as well as general membership. Details to come before end of month.
    • Holiday Party- Thursday, December 10 in lieu of meeting at NOLA Brewery upstairs.
  • Communications:
  • Community Outreach/Development:



  • Roger Watkins – networking group information to be shared in IC FB group
  • Proposed bylaw vote. Passed.
  • Board elections.


The Next Scheduled Meeting is Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 10/08/2015




  • Brandon Muetzel – Energy Wise
  • NOPD 6th District attended

Officer Gasper (Officer Butler’s boss)–

Officer Butler (Quality of Life) –

Officer Battaglia (Thefts) –


  • Night Out Against Crime – Tuesday, October 13 at Burke Park

Karen gave project update.  Tracey’s has donated red beans and rice (vegetarian) with sausage on the side.  ICNA registered the event with NOAC and NORDC. Bill picked up promo items. ICNA will supply paper products. Karen will provide list of items we need to post on FB for the public to volunteer to provide.



  • Crime & Prevention

NONPAC meetings are now at 6pm.  Meetings take place at the New Orleans CVB – 2020 St. Charles St.

  • Land Use:
    • Turnbull – demo complete
    • Mayo – – CPC issued recommendation waiting for finals to be adopted
    • 3139 Constance – no known movement after final resolution by city council
    • 1013 6th Street – questions arose about property owner’s intent to live in the property as indicated in application.
    • Mercy Endeavor – The pilings are in and structure work has begun.
    • 2533 Tchoupitoulas – Already permitted within the rights of its zoning. Will be a bar with an outdoor garden bar space.
    • HANO – Scatter sites will be renovated and placed into commerce through HANO.
  • Programs:
    • Mystic Krewe of Loup Garou – Seeking business sponsorship as well as general membership. Details to come before end of month.
  • Communications:
    • Exploratory Irish Channel Business networking group/directory
    • Mercy Endeavors upcoming events – Halloween food truck fundraiser on Oct. 28. Jeremy posted to Facebook group.
  • Community Outreach/Development:
    • Introduction by K. Lois Colson-Casey

Lois presented the committee’s mission statement and vision.  Halloween trail information forthcoming.



  • Holiday Party- Jeremy and Nora will organize the event in lieu of a December meeting. Information forthcoming.



The Next Scheduled Meeting is Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 09/11/2014

Monthly Meeting Minutes – SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

  • The following members and guests were in attendance: Amanda Albert, Richard Albert, Lindsey tubbs, Graham Bosworth, Marilyn Jemison, David Bordelon, Rristen Rome, Mark Redding, Harvey Stern, Adolph Lopez, Louis David, Jamie Montreuil, Tamela Miller, Jason Riggs, Karen Chabert, Trey Bornmann, Trey Nobles, Nora McGunnigle, Ryan McCabe, Jeremy Smith
  • Graham Bosworth addressed the membership regarding his judicial candidacy for Division “D,” Criminal District Court.
  • Amanda Albert, an Irish Channel resident and real estate agent with Latter & Blum addressed the membership regarding the Preservation Resource Center’s Sellabration, which will be held at 923 Tchoupitoulas Street on September 13, 2014 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
  • Trey Nobles addressed the membership regarding ongoing efforts to obtain funding for crime cameras in the Irish Channel. A $2,500 grant is likely. Trey and other members are currently working to determine criteria for allocation of crime camera grant funding to interested Irish Channel residents.
  • Mark Redding addressed the membership regarding the status of negotiations with Brick & Spool regarding a proposed good neighbor agreement. Negotiations are pending and no agreement has been reached.
  • Jeremy Smith addressed the membership on the National Night Out Against Crime, which will be held on October 14, 2014 at a time to be determined.
  • On October 3 around sundown, the Movies in the Park series will present Monsters University at Burke Park.
  • On October 30 from 4-8, the Rusty Nail will donate 20% of sales proceeds to the Lyons-Burke Booster Club. It is unclear whether interested individuals in attendance will have to mention the donation.
  • On September 29 at 10:30 a.m., a free Tai Chi class will be available at the Lyons Center.
  • On October 1 at 10:15 a.m., a free “Yoga Groove” class will be available at the Lyons Center.
  • The next meeting of the Lyons-Burke Booster Club will be held at the Lyons Center on October 13 at a time to be determined.
  • Karen Chabert reported to the membership regarding the Crime Committee. Efforts are currently underway to provide programming for local youth aimed at crime prevention.
  • Harvey Stern reported to the membership regarding the Land Use Committee. The proposed zoning change for Magazine Street was ultimately rejected by the City Planning Commission.
  • Marilyn Gemison addressed the membership regarding the Land Use Committee. Efforts will be made to increase the transparency of the Committee’s activities.

Meeting Minutes: 8/14/2014


  • Presentation re Waldorf School expansion
    • Empty lot near existing school and would like to build a second structure for early-age school.
  • Introductions
  • Asian Bistro – R. McCabe Reported
    • GDA did not provide draft good neighbor agreement until shortly before meeting
    • Mention coordination issues with GDA to CM Cantrell during next meeting
    • Agreement approved
    • J. Smith to sign
  • Kara Morgan Shade Fund Update – E. McGinnis
    • $10k in pledges, $6,500 in hand
    • $50k goal
    • Plans for additional fundraisers, media
    • Monthly meeting planned for 9/11/14 at 6 p.m.
    • Karen will facilitate Red Dress Run Grant
  • Crime – A. Lopez
    • Washington/Annunciation Update
      • Efforts to cause suspension of liquor license?
    • NONPAC – Thursday 8/21/14 at 6:30 p.m.
    • Crime Camera Grant – T. Nobles to give update at next meeting
    • Record of arrests at corner – request during  NONPAC meeting
  • Mayor’s meeting on budget process
  • PRC Sellabration on 9/13/14
  • Night Out Against Crime 10/14/14
  • Dana Kaplan resigned – Mark Redding elected
  • Program Coordinator – N. McGunnigle elected
  • H. Stern – Land Use update

Meeting Minutes: 7/10/2014

ICNA Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2014

Enroll members of the Crime Camera Committee
Harrah’s grant deadline is in September, other deadline has passed.
CCTV Wholesalers – – grant accepted vendor
Entire outfit is $299 – an $800 value as CCTV received a grant as well
Cameras will link to Project NOLA
Grant can be applied through District B or the two At-Large councilmembers
Committee: Trey Nobles, John Howard, Anthony Fontenot – still accepting members

Update on resident parking permit
Lauren Anderson & Ed McGinnis with parking concerns near Mag St. Corridor
Complaints Mag St. establishment employees & patrons taking residential parking
CM Cantrell would like a comprehensive traffic study done in the area

Update on Dat Dog Variance – Land Use Committee
Ongoing efforts to get Dat Dog to comply with GNA
ICNA Stance: Advise CM Cantrell’s office that the ICNA expects Dat Dog’s full compliance with the GNA to which it agreed and that the ICNA opposes Dat Dog’s current efforts to obtain a variance

Update re community garden
The ICNA cannot be a party to the lease with HANO due to its requirement that ICNA obtain a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Nevertheless, Ryan McCabe is engaged in ongoing discussions with Parkway Partners for it to lease the property the community garden.

Brief mention of 910 3rd Street – construction of two single-family homes on two lots where there are currently metal storage structures. With Land Use now. Will address at next meeting.

Unanimous approval of Trey Bornmann’s request for reimbursement of $15 spent on renewing the domain name,

Review Committee Lists
· Land Use: The Land Use committee covers blighted housing, zoning issues, and opportunities like the State Cultural district and Overlay district.
· Grants: Email and discussion group for Grant related stuff dealing with the Irish Channel.
· Greening: This committee is planting trees in the Winter/Spring months throughout the neighborhood along curbs, on neutral grounds, and on school playgrounds.
· Membership and Outreach: The Membership and Outreach Committee seeks to encourage residents, new and existing, to participate in the activities of the ICNA and become dues-paying members.
· Crime: The Crime Committee works with residents to monitor crime in Channel. They can be contacted if you have a concern that does not require immediate police action.
· Youth Outreach: Our Youth Outreach committee continues to work with the LBB and members of neighboring communities to pressure the city into rebuilding Lyons Center.

New Business
· Brick & Spoon – GDA, ICNA, building owner, franchisee, and operator in talks to sign GNA with LaToya
· CVS is looking at old Blockbuster location, no permanent plans at this point

Meeting Minutes: 6/12/2014

June 12, 2014 ICNA Meeting Minutes
7pm – 8:15pm


Volunteer Event at Burke Park/Clay Square June 21:

On Saturday, June 21st there will be Volunteer event at Burke Park with Morgan Stanley and NORDC from 9am-12pm.

Details are still being finalized but the following work is anticipated.

· Brighten rainbow colored steps with a fresh coat of paint

· Repaint ground games that have begun to fade near the playground

· Repair post boards that have been vandalized

· Remove graffiti from the playground

· Touch up the paint on the buildings that have begun to peel

· Sweep away gravel and rocks that have accumulated on the playground

The board voted (7-0) to allocate up to 50$ to furnish beverages to the volunteers. Please come out to assist or say hello to the volunteers.

Crime Camera Grants:
The ICNA is forming a committee to draft a grant proposal to Cm. Cantrell’s office for the installation of Crime Cameras in the neighborhood.
Volunteers are needed to serve on the committee. Trey Nobles and John Howard volunteered to serve.
We will announce the volunteers on the committee Announce Cmte at July 10 meeting

Residential Parking Permit Zones:
· Residents of 3300 Block of Constance street spoke about parking issues

· The parking issues are due to people visiting the establishments on Magazine streets.

· Magazine Street Business employees have been parking in the neighborhood as well taking up a lot of parking throughout the day.

· They are requesting the ICNA assistance in studying this issue and developing a plan.

· Additional details about established residential parking zones will be discussed at the next meeting.

Results of Dat Dog Variance:
· Dat Dog was denied for their variances by the CPC and they are appealing to the city council.

· Bryon from Cm Cantrell’s office will check if there is a good neighbor agreement in place.

· More details about the requested variance will be forwarded to the board.

Dissemination of information:
· A request is made to all committee chairpersons to annouce all meetings via email/facebook/webiste at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Other Topics:
· There was 2 arrests in clay park by plain clothes officers in the last month. Please report any illegial activity to 911.

· Thursday June 26th Police Community Advisory Board meeting Bethelem Lutheran Church on Washington Ave. 6-8pm The community is invited.

· Bryon Cornelison, Director of Constituent Services for Cm. Latoya Cantrell

· Clarence Williams, Director of Communications for Cm. At-Large Jason Williams

Suggested Agenda for next month:
· Announce members of the crime camera committee

· Update on resident pareking permit

· Update on Dat Dog Variance – Land Use Cmte

· Review Committee Lists – Trey

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Proposed Exterior Renovations

This is the latest draft of the proposed exterior improvements to 3200 Magazine Street. GCB&T is still going through the process of obtaining final approval from the City of New Orleans. You can add your comments below.

View Larger Map


6th District NONPACC Meeting

July 18, 2013

Lt. Frank Young began the meeting, explaining that Commander Bardy was unable to attend due to a simultaneous PCAB (Police Citizen Advisory Board) meeting with several district commanders. He also explained that the meeting would be short due to a Trayvon Martin vigil being held tonight as well. He said he did not anticipate any violence at the vigil.

There were about 14 people in attendance, including citizens, a representative from a neighborhood security organization, Robert Morris from the Uptown Messenger, and several officers. Cameras from channel 4 news were also present.

Lt. Young explained that the meeting would mostly focus on the recent spat of armed robberies in the district, as that is of the most concern to police and citizens involved.  He went through each of the robberies, explaining what happened and where they are in their investigations:

7/17/13, 9:40 am, a woman in her sixties visiting friends from out of town was robbed at gunpoint in the 1200 block of Harmony Street near Camp. A witness saw the car and described it as a new black Kia with a temporary license tag in the window and a red Ray Brandt dealer plate. Police are looking for the vehicle.

7/14/13, 4:30 am, a man returned home in the 2300 block of Magazine to find two men waiting for him. He was ordered into his home and robbed. Lt. Young reported this incident is under investigation, and may not have been a random act.

7/12/13, a woman leaving Zea restaurant was robbed in the 1600 block of Terpsichore by a man with a knife, who took her purse. The police do have video of the incident.

(three incidents) 7/10/13, around 11 pm, three men, one with a baseball bat, robbed three separate individuals within a 40 minute period. The robberies took place on Clio, Annunciation and Coliseum streets. One victim was beaten so severely he had to be hospitalized and have head surgery. Police apprehended the perpetrator with the bat, identified as Keith Williams, thanks to the help of witnesses who reported the incident immediately. They have video surveillance and potentially DNA evidence from the bat, and are hoping to identify the other two perpetrators as well. The men were stealing cell phones, particularly iphones.

7/8/13, 11:15 pm, a man was hit in the head with a gun and robbed by two men in the 2500 block of Magazine Street. Police have video of the suspects.

7/8/13, 9 pm, a man who had just parked his car near Clio and Carondolet was attacked by two men who punched him and stole the car, a white Ford Focus. The car was later recovered on Calais Street in New Orleans East.

7/7/13, 3 am, a woman robbed at gunpoint at Annunciation and Thalia.

Lt. Young also described an incident in which a 90 year old man was robbed in central city. He was forced into a car, his wallet was stolen, and he was returned to the area he’d been taken from. Young reported that the man’s clothing might yield dna evidence that would help find the perpetrator.

More details of the recent armed robberies can be found at

Lt. Young stated that despite this recent spike, the 6th district is still down in armed robberies 45% from last year. Besides the three incidents involving the three men and the baseball bat, he does not see any connections between the robberies. He is redirecting officers to patrol the Garden District, Lower Garden District and surrounding areas. He is also in contact with the Garden District Patrol in an attempt to coordinate efforts. “We need all the help we can get,” he stated.

Lt. Young also described a recent example of a citizen seeing suspicious activity and not reporting it, only to learn later that his information could have prevented a crime. “Never feel like you’re wasting our time,” Lt. Young said. “Please call!”

A citizen in attendance asked about a recent increase in the homeless population under the I10 overpass between Magazine and Camp. Lt. Young stated he would check into it. The same citizen asked for more mounted police in the areas where armed robberies have been occurring. Lt. Young and Sgt Danny Scanlan explained that horses cannot be used in the summer months due to the heat. Lt. Young reiterated that she would see an increased presence.

Lt. Young stated that narcotics are always a concern as well, and invited a narcotics detective to answer questions from those in attendance.  Individuals described areas of concern in their neighborhood, and the detective met with them after the meeting to obtain more information.

I asked Lt. Young if there was anything else of concern we might not have noticed due to the spike in armed robberies. He said no, other than an increase in theft of porch furniture and other items left outside such as grills, shutters, and even architectural pieces attached to houses and copper gutters. The narcotics detective stated that he has been attending meetings throughout the city and that everyone is reporting these types of thefts.

Lt. Young reiterated as he closed the meeting that he believes this recent rash of armed robberies is a spike and will not be an ongoing increase. He maintains that the majority of violent crimes are committed by a small number of people, and that the NOPD has collected enough video and DNA evidence that they are hopeful about catching those responsible.

Sixth district Facebook Page

provided by our friends at Faubourg Marengo Neighborhood Association

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