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6th District NONPACC Meeting

July 18, 2013

Lt. Frank Young began the meeting, explaining that Commander Bardy was unable to attend due to a simultaneous PCAB (Police Citizen Advisory Board) meeting with several district commanders. He also explained that the meeting would be short due to a Trayvon Martin vigil being held tonight as well. He said he did not anticipate any violence at the vigil.

There were about 14 people in attendance, including citizens, a representative from a neighborhood security organization, Robert Morris from the Uptown Messenger, and several officers. Cameras from channel 4 news were also present.

Lt. Young explained that the meeting would mostly focus on the recent spat of armed robberies in the district, as that is of the most concern to police and citizens involved.  He went through each of the robberies, explaining what happened and where they are in their investigations:

7/17/13, 9:40 am, a woman in her sixties visiting friends from out of town was robbed at gunpoint in the 1200 block of Harmony Street near Camp. A witness saw the car and described it as a new black Kia with a temporary license tag in the window and a red Ray Brandt dealer plate. Police are looking for the vehicle.

7/14/13, 4:30 am, a man returned home in the 2300 block of Magazine to find two men waiting for him. He was ordered into his home and robbed. Lt. Young reported this incident is under investigation, and may not have been a random act.

7/12/13, a woman leaving Zea restaurant was robbed in the 1600 block of Terpsichore by a man with a knife, who took her purse. The police do have video of the incident.

(three incidents) 7/10/13, around 11 pm, three men, one with a baseball bat, robbed three separate individuals within a 40 minute period. The robberies took place on Clio, Annunciation and Coliseum streets. One victim was beaten so severely he had to be hospitalized and have head surgery. Police apprehended the perpetrator with the bat, identified as Keith Williams, thanks to the help of witnesses who reported the incident immediately. They have video surveillance and potentially DNA evidence from the bat, and are hoping to identify the other two perpetrators as well. The men were stealing cell phones, particularly iphones.

7/8/13, 11:15 pm, a man was hit in the head with a gun and robbed by two men in the 2500 block of Magazine Street. Police have video of the suspects.

7/8/13, 9 pm, a man who had just parked his car near Clio and Carondolet was attacked by two men who punched him and stole the car, a white Ford Focus. The car was later recovered on Calais Street in New Orleans East.

7/7/13, 3 am, a woman robbed at gunpoint at Annunciation and Thalia.

Lt. Young also described an incident in which a 90 year old man was robbed in central city. He was forced into a car, his wallet was stolen, and he was returned to the area he’d been taken from. Young reported that the man’s clothing might yield dna evidence that would help find the perpetrator.

More details of the recent armed robberies can be found at

Lt. Young stated that despite this recent spike, the 6th district is still down in armed robberies 45% from last year. Besides the three incidents involving the three men and the baseball bat, he does not see any connections between the robberies. He is redirecting officers to patrol the Garden District, Lower Garden District and surrounding areas. He is also in contact with the Garden District Patrol in an attempt to coordinate efforts. “We need all the help we can get,” he stated.

Lt. Young also described a recent example of a citizen seeing suspicious activity and not reporting it, only to learn later that his information could have prevented a crime. “Never feel like you’re wasting our time,” Lt. Young said. “Please call!”

A citizen in attendance asked about a recent increase in the homeless population under the I10 overpass between Magazine and Camp. Lt. Young stated he would check into it. The same citizen asked for more mounted police in the areas where armed robberies have been occurring. Lt. Young and Sgt Danny Scanlan explained that horses cannot be used in the summer months due to the heat. Lt. Young reiterated that she would see an increased presence.

Lt. Young stated that narcotics are always a concern as well, and invited a narcotics detective to answer questions from those in attendance.  Individuals described areas of concern in their neighborhood, and the detective met with them after the meeting to obtain more information.

I asked Lt. Young if there was anything else of concern we might not have noticed due to the spike in armed robberies. He said no, other than an increase in theft of porch furniture and other items left outside such as grills, shutters, and even architectural pieces attached to houses and copper gutters. The narcotics detective stated that he has been attending meetings throughout the city and that everyone is reporting these types of thefts.

Lt. Young reiterated as he closed the meeting that he believes this recent rash of armed robberies is a spike and will not be an ongoing increase. He maintains that the majority of violent crimes are committed by a small number of people, and that the NOPD has collected enough video and DNA evidence that they are hopeful about catching those responsible.

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6th District NONPACC meeting

June 20, 2013

Commander Bardy began the meeting by discussing the arrests made the last three Fridays concerning gang-related activity. He reported that there has been a long period of working up to these arrests, that they took a systematic approach and feel proud of what they have accomplished. He described the Hoffman Triangle as “getting cleaned up.”

June coverage in

Next, Commander Bardy presented his power point on the current trends and statistics. In the month of May in the 6th district, there were 2 homicides, 1 rape, 1 aggravated burglary, 4 business burglaries, 7 residence burglaries, 7 auto burglaries, 6 armed robberies, and 1 simple robbery. There were 25 auto thefts, and no purse snatchings.

Commander Bardy reminded the group that Quality of Life Officer Joseph Joia? and CoCo Sergeant Yolanda Jenkins have 4 officers patrolling Magazine Street 24/7. With two on and two off, there should be two officers on the street at any given time.

Year to date data reflects a 59% drop in armed robberies, down from 49 to 20 this year. Bardy explained that this is a good measure of the aggression in a community because the parties generally don’t know one another. Simple robberies are down 77.8%, aggravated assaults are down 37%, and auto burglaries are down 24%. Violent offenses are down 40% this year.

There is a city-wide increase in theft, which Bardy attributes to increased reporting rather than increases in the crime itself.

Bardy stressed that citizens should continue to report any suspicious behavior, using Crimestoppers, the district’s direct line, or hot sheets. Any and all information will be appreciated. Seeing heavy traffic at a house or people stopping and exchanging money are examples of activity that can be reported as potentially drug-related. Such reports will be investigated further.

Although there was an increase in arrests this week, there were only 3 persons crimes. These included a gun arrest on the corner of Claiborne and MLK blvd; a murder on Prytania next to Zara’s Supermarket; and a domestic violence arrest.

Commander Bardy went through the DDACTS (Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Stops) – to show how the Sixth District (and others) are evaluating criminal trends, and showing pockets of high activity. He referred to these pockets as “heat signatures” and described being able to concentrate manpower in these areas to have the highest impact.

Finally, Commander Bardy asked representatives from the Police Citizen Advisory Board to speak. They discussed efforts to bridge the gap between citizens and police. These boards were created as part of the consent decree to oversee transformation of our police department in 2012. Bardy suggested moving the monthly NONPACC meeting to our district police station in an effort to share information from the PCAB with a broader population. He asked those in attendance to consider this idea and tabled it for further discussion at the next meeting.

Link to a story about the forming of the PCABs

Bardy maintains that citizens should feel certain their officers are there to help them, and urges people to file complaints if they have problems with any officer. Bardy ended the meeting with a statement he reports using often—“These are not MY officers, they are YOUR officers.”

provided by our friends at Faubourg Marengo Neighborhood Association

6th District NONPACC meeting

May 16, 2013 Commander Bardy hosted the meeting with Frank Young.  Attendance was low, so there were few introductory remarks.   
Before taking the group through the power point presentation on the current trends/statistics, Commander Bardy made special mention of the Irish Channel arrests made this past week.  He noted that he felt confident that the charges would stick, that this would not be a “revolving door” situation, but would rather be resolved with some permanency.  He specifically mentioned that there were likely 15 or more murders attributable to the charged/arrested individuals.  Notably, Commander Bardy commented that there are two other major cases in the hopper within the 6th District that he hopes will have as significant an impact on criminal activity.  He declined to state more, but was clearly very excited about this.
Commander Bardy presented his power point, showing the current criminal trends within the 6th District.  In the past week, there were 35 “UCR” Crimes and 4 Persons crimes.  He noted that the major uptick in criminal activity was due to simple thefts, and further explained that 3 of the 4 persons crimes were cleared by arrests made.  The map he displayed showed two simple thefts in our neighborhood, one on Magazine and Constantinople and another on Tchoupitoulas Street close to Napoleon.  He explained that one of these was the theft of a locked/chained bicycle.
Year to Date – our district is still trending downwards in terms of most criminal activity.  Of greatest significance, armed robbery is down 60% (year to date) from last year’s activity.  Commander Bardy mentioned that this is the most significant indicator of an overall decrease in criminal activity and violence in the city.  Armed robbery statistics, according to Commander Bardy, are the most pertinent in evaluating violence within a city because, unlike most other gun crimes, these are criminal acts between two strangers.  Thus, he presented this in a positive light for the district and the city.  He also noted that the increase in thefts is likely an increase in reported criminal activity, rather than an increase in all criminal activity.  He believes this is due to Ronal Serpas’ plea to citizens to be active in reporting crime.
Commander Bardy noted that last week there was an increase in the number of drug-related arrests, but also noted that year to date totals show a decrease in total arrests.  He believes this may be related to the overall decrease in criminal activity.
Commander Bardy again went through the breakdown of calls taken to show that the vast majority are non-violent crimes.  Of the calls taken, only .78% are for simple battery, and .135% are for aggravated battery by shooting.  This actually decreased from last month’s presentation, wherein .15% of the calls were for aggravated battery by shooting.
Finally, Commander Bardy went through the DDACTS (Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Stops) – to show how the Sixth District (and others) are evaluating criminal trends, and showing pockets of high activity.  Recent trends in our district include police-initiated drug arrests and recent thefts of construction materials.  Frank Young noted that the main thefts have been flagstone left in front of construction projects near Coliseum Park.  In addition, there are some cases where individuals are dressed in hard hats, safety vests, and approach houses and begin to remove shutters and other architectural details.  He advised us to be aware of such activity and I would encourage all of us to know who is involved in what kind of renovation activity at their homes.  Frank Young went as far as to say that sometimes these individuals were approached and represented themselves as being “the new contractors” or a “new construction crew.”  It is not widespread, but there were three incidents in the past month.
There will be a crime walk with Officer Yolanda Jenkins on May 29, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. meeting at the Post Office.  
A brief discussion with a representative from the Police Community Advisory Board took place.  He mentioned that the board is still in the preliminary stages, but they are meeting regularly and keeping minutes.  The hope is to have something more substantial to roll out within the next few months.
Officer Jenkins noted that NORD is beginning a “Fit For NOLA” program for kids that will take place at Taylor Park.  The program will focus on fitness and nutrition.  There are no dates yet, but we will be kept in the loop.

provided by our friends at Faubourg Marengo Neighborhood Association

Apply for the Citizen’s Police Academy

Motorcycle Police

The Citizen’s Police Academy is managed by the Crime Prevention Unit of the New Orleans Police Department under the leadership of Superintendent Ronal W. Serpas. The academy is a program designed to provide citizens with information on variousCPA_Application functions of the New Orleans Police Department and the criminal justice system. The program consists of various topics, which will be presented by several police officers and other city officials and leaders. Some of the topics that will be discussed are: Communications Division (complaint calls); Community Policing (Neighborhood Watch, Crimestoppers); Public Integrity Bureau (complaints against police officers); Domestic Violence (laws and police procedures); Special Investigations (various criminal investigations), Crime Lab Division (evidence collection); Education and Training Academy (probable cause, search and seizure); Crime Prevention Unit (programs and functions) and several other topics.


At least 21 years old
A resident of the City of New Orleans
Must submit an application


Applications will be accepted until announcement is withdrawn.


The 8-week program begins on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Sessions are held every Wednesday from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the

Special Operations Division Compound located at 1899 Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans. Plans for other 2013 sessions are in progress.


Submit completed the CPA Application  to the contact information listed below:
New Orleans Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
715 South Broad Street, Room A-412
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
Office Number: (504) 658-5590
Fax Number: (504) 658-5170

6th District Anti-Crime Walk in the Milan neighborhood

The Sixth District will conduct an anti-crime walk in the Milan neighborhood, which is a new addition to the Sixth District that was aquired when we restructured our district boundries. The walk will be this Thursday, 1/26/12, at 5:00pm. Members of our new community are encouraged to come meet and walk with the officers who are now working in your neighborhood.

The route for the walk is as follows:

Start: Stern Tennis Center at S. Saratoga and Marengo. We will walk up Marengo to South Liberty. From S. Liberty we will walk to Delachaise. Downward on Delachaise back to S. Saratoga. We will take S. Saratoga to Annette, Annette to Dryades, Dryades to Penniston, Penniston back to S. Saratoga where we will conclude at our original starting point at the Stern Tennis Center.

Matt Patin / 6th District Staff

View 6th District Anti-Crime Walk in the Milan neighborhood in a larger map

Upcoming Events

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ICNA Monthly Meeting
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The ICNA meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Irish Channel Christian Fellowship Church.  The public is welcome to attend.
6:30 pm NONPAC Monthly Meeting
NONPAC Monthly Meeting
May 15 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
NONPAC Monthly Meeting @ Headquarters of New Orleans Tourism | New Orleans | Louisiana | United States
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7:00 pm ICNA Monthly Meeting
ICNA Monthly Meeting
Jun 12 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
ICNA Monthly Meeting @ Irish Channel Christian Fellowship Church | New Orleans | Louisiana | United States
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